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released October 8, 2013



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region0 Fiji

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Track Name: Connect
this gloomy street makes me kind of sick
but I don't care what these people think
there's some bad news on the TV
about some crazy dude on the run
but I don't care
I don't care

there's nothing left to be irritated at
all the trouble disappears when we connect
there's nothing left to be irritated at
all the trouble disappears when we connect

a black cat crossed the road just by
but I don't care even if he flied
there's just one reason for me to be
and it isn't that ferris wheel
'cause I don't care
I don't care
Track Name: New World
I come from the new world
where happiness is cheap
where the sun always shines
and where god never sleeps

I come from the new world
where's a rainbow in the sky
and there's a whole lot of people
that never plot or lie

I came from a new world
where there was a blurry mist
it was gone in a moment
swept off by the wind

I came from a new world
where all the pain is gone
where all the hidden treasures
are owned by all and noone

wipe the raindrops off your face
and reach out to my hand
these are all the mysteries
that I'll help you understand

from this new world I came
I hope you're not surprised
there's nothing to be scared of
and nothing to despise

all around this place
that fairy tales speak of
there're glorious mountain tops
and chilly waterfalls

just search a little further
and you might realize
that just behind the horizon
is where this place lies
Track Name: VHS
I remember a man
whose eyes shined in the dark
he used to wear leather
and sunglasses at night

he came from far away
to bring peace without remorse
and all he ever said
was fifty-eight words

he was a great companion
and all his lines were gold
but he sank into flames
for thirteen years too long

he may not be who he is
or a man who never dies
but I'll rewind the tape again
to see his glory times

I saw your face on that old worn tape
the good old times won't be coming back
it was your face on the VHS
I saw your face on that old worn tape

listen to that boy
he'll give you good advice
don't let that metal box
bring you to demise

you may not be who you are
or a man who never cries
but inside of the shiny case
there are no disgusting lies
Track Name: Under the Moonlight
for just a moment
I felt out of my mind
the starry night
made our bodies combine

if the fireworks start just in time
we'll dance to the rhythm of the drum
and sing
under the moonlight

dancing and swaying across the sky
pictures of my past keep flying by
under the moonlight sky

together we'll watch
the end of the world
we'll spiral down
into the hands of god
as we crumble into dust
when worlds collide
all the feelings
make it seem like it's alright
Track Name: Day Off
guided by the city lights
I'm walking through the rainy night
I seek an escape from this urban land
I'm in a decadent state

taking a day off now
one more night

everything will sort out with the right state of mind
so I'm taking it easy tonight
no need to rush, I'll grab some more cash
I guess it's okay today

taking a day off now
one more night